The Wine Tipster’s Red Grapes to Watch

With spring around the corner what better time to experiment with your usual wine choices than by exploring different grape varieties from around the world. Get ready to head to your local wine merchants with a new understanding and appreciation of what makes an exciting red this year with The Wine Tipster’s top class red grapes for Spring 2022.

The Wine Tipster’s 5 Grape Varieties for 2022 in Order of Boldness


The Wine Tipster’s guide to: Gamay

Primary flavour profile

Pomegranate, Blackberry, Bramble, Violet and Earth!

Palate Profile


Light to medium in body

Low tannins

Medium to high acidity

Low to medium Alcohol

Starting with the lightest bodied grape on The Wine Tipster’s radar this year, Gamay is similar to Pinot Noir a thin-skinned variety packed with red fruits. It’s not surprising as the two varieties are related. Gamay is primarily grown in the Beaujolais region in Burgundy, France. It also thrives in cooler-climates such as Canada, Switzerland, Oregon, and New Zealand. Gamay is often more budget friendly than Pinot Noir but is no less delicious, with stunning floral and red fruit aromas of red cherry, and red plum. As a high acidity, low tannin wine, Gamay is a great option for nearly any food pairing so try it with everything! The 10 Crus of Beaujolais offer tremendous value and Morgon (see below) is the closest in weight and structure to Moulin-à-Vent arguably the fullest bodied of the crus and super food friendly.

  • For a classic soft, savoury, complex and fruity Gamay, try the Domaine Lucien Lardy Morgon, 2019, Côte du Py available from Majestic (£16.99 or £14.99 multibuy). A wine with ageing potential too.


The Wine Tipsters guide to: Grenache

Primary Flavours Profile

Cooked/stewed strawberry, cooked red plum

Aged characteristics: Leather dried herbs

Palate Profile


Medium to full body

Medium tannins

Medium acidity

Alcohol high 15% or more.

On the cusp between being a light and a medium-bodied red due to its higher alcohol, Grenache has an unmistakable candied fruit and spice flavour that makes some of the most expensive wines in the world. The major regions for Grenache are the Southern Rhône and Châteauneuf-du-Pape. In Spain it can be found in Priorat, and Calatayud as well as parts of Italy, North America, and Australia. The different climates result in different Grenache flavour and aroma profiles. Grenache is a great blending partner as it’s high alcohol and red fruit pairs well with some dark fruit flavour profile grapes. It can also go alone and produces some much underrated single varietal wines that are still not recognised as much as they should be. Regardless, the distinct spice aromas of Grenache make it perfect for pairing with rich and spice-laden dishes and can even reduce the heat of spicy food.

  • The Les Dauphins Côtes du Rhône Villages 2020 is a well-balanced, medium to full-bodied, vegan Rhône, which is lovely to drink at a great price. Available from Waitrose (£9.99).
  • The Grant Burge The Holy Trinity Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre 2019, Barossa, is a classic example of an Australian Grenache, full of dark chocolate and plum flavours. Available from Laithwaites (£25.00).


The Wine Tipsters guide to: Carménère

Primary Flavours Profile

Red and black fruits: Raspberry, red plum, black plum, blackberry

Herbal and vegetal notes: Bell pepper, paprika

Aged characteristics: Notes of sweet vanilla

Palate Profile


Medium Body

Medium Tannins

Medium Acidity

Medium alcohol

Carménère is one of Europe’s most ancient grapes and is at the lighter end of Medium-Bodied. It gets its name from the French for crimson due to its vibrant leaves at certain times of the year. Carménère has an interesting history, having been presumed extinct in the Médoc region of Bordeaux after a plague of Phylloxera aphids in the mid to late nineteenth century. However, today it is largely found in Chile after being rediscovered when the Merlot grapes that had been growing there for 150 years were in fact Carménère! Its likeness to other red grapes in the Cabernet family make it a firm favourite for blending as it brings vibrant berry flavours and a subtly bitter taste that balances well. Another all-rounder for food pairings too.

  • An affordable and top-class Chilean Carménère is the award-winning Mont Gras Reserva Carménère. Available from Waitrose (£9.49).
  • The Mayu Carménère Appassimento 2017/18 is a terrific bottle with great richness and depth and is the first appassimento Carménère in the world. Available from Majestic (£12.99 or £9.99 multibuy).


The Wine Tipster’s guide to: Sangiovese

Primary Flavour Profile

Red fruits: Red cherry, red plum

Savoury notes: Roasted tomato, balsamic vinegar

Herbal notes: Oregano

Palate Profile


Medium to full body

Medium to high tannins

Medium to high acidity

Medium to high alcohol

Sangiovese is a true Medium-Bodied red although it presents differently depending on where it is grown – which is typically across Italy. It can be more savoury and earthy in flavour or more fruit forward with distinct cherry flavours. Most good bottles of Sangiovese find the perfect balance between its earthy and fruity qualities which make it a great option for pairing with the rich flavours of Winter.

  • For a well-balanced example of this complex grape, Querciabella Organic Chianti Classico is a vegan wine which delivers on juicy red fruits and subtle acidity. Available from Waitrose (£19.99).
Querciabella Organic Chianti Classico


The Wine Tipster’s guide to: Tempranillo

Primary Flavour Profile

Red and black fruits: Red cherries and dried figs

Herbal notes: Dill

Aged characteristics: cedar from oak and tobacco

Palate Profile


Medium to full bodied

Medium to high tannins

Medium to high acidity

Finally, Tempranillo is on the border between being a Medium and Full-Bodied red and can change depending on the ageing process. Those that are young generally have bright red fruit notes, while those that have the quality and capacity to age over decasdesevelop t give rich, dried fruit characteristics. As Spain’s number one red wine grape, you will most likely see Tempranillo from Rioja. It’s a great one for pairing with Spanish food, smoky barbeque dishes, and tomato based Italian or Mexican dishes.

Monte Llano Tinto Rioja 2019, Ramón Bilbao
  • Bodega Matsu ‘El Viejo’ 2019, Toro is a more complex and Full-Bodied wine thanks to its long maturation. Full of jammy black fruits and smoky notes. Available from Majestic (£29.99 or £19.99 multibuy).

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